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Are you looking for a production coordinator or associate producer?

Look no further!


Guest Guide Development

I will help you develop a comprehensive guide to provide to your guests and collaborators prior to sitting down with them. I will work with you to create a document that represents your brand and mission and provides guests with background info on who they will be working with, what they can expect from you during the process, and relevant information about what you need from them and how the process will unfold. Collaboration is always easier when everyone has all the crucial information at their fingertips!

Single Episode Outline

If the majority of your episodes follow a similar format, having a single standard outline can streamline your process from planning all the way to editing! You can quickly tell which information needs to be updated regularly, guests who have tuned in before will know what to expect, and you will establish a rhythm for producing content!

Email Templates

Do you find that you are frequently contacting people about the same things or requesting the same information repeatedly? Work smarter, not harder! I will work with you to create email templates for those recurring conversations so you can make sure that everyone is receiving the same information every time. Templates are great for scheduling requests and common inquiries.

Make a Plan

You know what you want, you just need a plan to get there, and I can help. This involves things like creating short and long-term to-do lists, establishing achievable deadlines, figuring out places where additional help might be needed, planning out your next steps to move toward your goals.

Coordination (Herding Cats)

Often the biggest hurdle to a project is getting everyone together. If your project requires a number of people to coordinate schedules and agendas it can feel like nothing will ever get done, but fear not. I can work with you and your team to create agendas, set a specific schedule, and even create established contingency plans for potential bumps in the road. Once these things are in place you can focus on the passion.

Ongoing Coordination

Schedule Management

I will coordinate with your group to work out a timing, method, and location that works best for everyone. I will serve as the main contact person when ever someone’s plans or circumstances change, when they need to be absent for any reason, or if they have questions or concerns about the schedule. I will also ensure every person has access to a copy of the schedule, working with everyone to find out what methods of communication and notification are most helpful for them. I will take sole responsibility for managing the scheduling and timing of group activities.

Project Follow-Up

Sometimes the biggest obstacle isn’t getting people to sign on, it’s getting them to follow through. In this case, I will establish a plan for following up on any missing information or material, and will stay on that task until a satisfying conclusion is reached and the project can move forward.


I started podcasting in 2018, both collaborating with others and on my own productions. It has been extremely satisfying. I came to podcasting at a low point in my life, suffering from severe depression and trapped in a bad marriage, I felt creatively dead. But over time I learned that I hadn’t lost my creativity, it just looked different now. Rather than free-flowing flights of fancy I now experienced my creativity as a passion for systems. My joy comes from seeing a million disparate parts come together to create a beautiful whole. I want to help you find that beauty too!

In my day job I am a regulatory coordinator for oncology research at a non-profit community hospital. This means I have my hands in our projects from inception to termination. It is my job to ensure that each of our hundreds of research trials has been adequately reviewed, that all necessary documentation is up to date, that all of our staff across four different hospitals are properly trained, and everyone has everything they need. I excel and managing hundreds of tiny details and coming up with creative solutions for busy people.

Let’s build something great together.

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