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Amelia Antrim is a podcaster, researcher, casual game designer, and outline enthusiast.

A lifelong fan of knowing things, Amelia began to take an academic interest in research while earning her political science degree and working as a research assistant studying the European Union. In her day job she puts this experience to use as oncology clinical research associate.

As a podcaster, Amelia puts her love of fact-finding and analysis to use analyzing the history, mechanics, and craft of tabletop games in her two shows, Character Creation Cast and Garbage of the Five Rings.

Amelia was also selected to be a judge for the annual ENNIE awards for both 2021 and 2022. As a judge she is responsible for reading and reviewing hundreds of submissions of tabletop games, adventures, accessories and more. Along with four other judges she helps to curate the final list for public voting that will determine the winners for each category.

Character Creation Cast is an interview and discussion podcast, co-hosted by Amelia Antrim and Ryan Boelter, which examines tabletop roleplaying games through the lens of character creation, seeking to understand how the process interacts with mechanics, narrative, and gameplay.

Garbage of the Five Rings is a show, co-hosted by Amelia Antrim and Jude Vais, discussing the lore of the Legend of the Five Rings collectible card game and roleplaying game. Lovingly critical of its source material, the show is an accidental archival project cataloging the history of the game and its world.

The ENNIE Awards are an annual recognition of excellence in all areas of tabletop roleplaying game. A team of judges reviews submissions and curates a list of top games, podcasts, websites, accessories and more for public voting, with awards presented at GenCon each year.

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